43″ Big Boss Metal Gaming Cabinet

Our Newest and Hottest selling 43″ Vertical Board Ready Cabinet



The 43″ Big Boss Metal Gaming Cabinet features a 43″ Curved High Resolution Touchscreen Monitor.  The monitor supports options for both USB and Serial touchscreen connections.  Video can be connected with HDMI or VGA. The multi-color LED accent lights can be adjusted to strobe, fade, or be set to one solid color.
The 43″ Big Boss Metal Gaming Cabinet features black metal finish and offers protection as well as looking great! The 43″ Big Boss Gaming Cabinet is also compatible with todays most popular thermal printers and card readers.
  • 43″ Big Boss Metal Gaming Cabinet custom built with fully wired harness and board ready (Game Board sold Separately)
  • 43″ Curved High-Resolution Touchscreen Monitor
  • HDMI or VGA
  • USB or Serial Touch Compatible
  • Adjustable LED Accent Lighting
  • 400 Watt Power Supply
  • Two Button Configuration or I-Deck Touch Panel Available
  • 28/10 or 36/10 Pin Wiring Harness available
  • Physical Meters for accurate bookkeeping
  • Dimensions with Tower Lamp: 100″ height (or 91″ without Tower Lamp), 30″ width, 26″ depth
  • Customized options are always available