Diamond Skill Games 5 Hotswap

Diamond Skill Games 5 Hotswap By Banilla!


  • VGA
  • 3-In-1 Multigame
  • 25 Liner Hot Swap
  • Touchscreen Game
  • Free Spin Feature
  • Configurable Jackpots
  • Reels or Shutters Feature
  • On Screen Setup
  • 36/10 pin Jamma Harness Ready
  • Games Include:
    • Frozen Sevens
    • Spooky’s Loot
    • Wheel Deal
  • Game Manual

*Note Regarding Sales to Customers in the State of Wisconsin:

Sale of this product in the State of Wisconsin is limited to current members of the Wisconsin Amusement Machine Operators Association (WAMO). Before shipment to Wisconsin, we will verify membership in WAMO.