Ocean King 3 Plus Circus

Hot new fish game title!

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  • Hot New Fish Game Title
  • Configurable for 4, 6, 8, or 10 Players
  • Player Controls a Joystick to aim a gun at different types of fish
  • Higher Credit Value will increase weapon strength and chances of catching more fish
  • When the Wild Hog is caught, a rope will be thrown out to catch it and will enter the battle mode. During the battle, whenever the Wild Hog falls, it will attack all the fish on the field and award credits.  If the Wild Hog is captured, it will then shake out coins and the player will win a larger prize. If the King Tiger is successfully captured, it will start jumping through rings of fire. The more rings of fire jumped through, the more credits the player will win. If the Cash Clown is caught, it will take out the Magic Hat and pull out coins to win credits.  If the Cash Clown pulls out rabbit or tiger from the Magic Hat, more bonus credits will be awarded. Catching the Thunder Dragon can summon a large amount of dragons to attack all of the fish in the sea. 
  • Can be Sold as Board Package only OR Ready to Go in one of our custom Top of the Line Fish Game Cabinets
  • Linkable with Ocean King 3 Plus Linking Jackpot System