Ocean King 3 Plus Linking System

Linking System for Ocean King Fish Tables!


The Ocean King 3 Plus Linking System is able to link up to 20 Fish Tables. There are four Jackpots accumulated by all Fish Game machines.

The Ocean King 3 Plus Linking System shows the four Jackpot prizes.  It also displays the latest ten prize winning records which includes the Jackpot prize type, time won, and amount.  The latest five Grand Jackpot and Major Jackpots will be displayed separately and will include the date time, and prize amount won.

The Jackpot Wheel will decide which prize is won.  The Grand Jackpot and the Major Jackpot are community prizes and the Miner Jackpot and Mini Jackpot are individual player prizes.

Linkable Titles Include:

  • Buffalo Thunder (all versions)
  • Raging Fire (all versions)
  • Zombie Awakens
  • King Kong 2
  • Master of the Deep (version SD 902 or Higher)
  • Legend of the Deep (version SD 903 or Higher)
  • Black Beards Fury (version SD 902 or Higher)

**If Version number Starts with MD not SD,  it will not work regardless of the version number.
**Version Number will appear on the first page of the menu screen in the Upper Right hand corner.