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Q: What are the recommended power supply settings?
A: +5.24VDC on all 8-line games. This reading should be taken at the small edge connector.
For VGA games +5.50VDC at the 9-pin connector of the power supply
*NOTE: All voltage should be set with the use of a voltmeter.
Q: Can I replace my game board with another?
A: All 8-line games are interchangeable. Some may require a wire change.
Q: How do I control the volume of my game?
A: Most boards have a volume control on it marked as “VR1”. Those that don’t, have a setting in the on screen programming.
Q: How do I stop my bill acceptor from taking the $1 bills?
A: Most DBA’s have a switch that controls which bills will be accepted. Others will have to be programmed by a coupon to disable the unwanted bills.
Q: My printer was working before I reset my game. What has changed?
A: Most games have default settings that it will revert to when a game is reset.
These defaults may not be the same settings you have chosen. The printer in the default may not be the one you have.
Q: After a storm or loss of power my games aren’t set up the way they were before, why?
A: Chances are there may be a bad battery on the board. It also may just be that the board reset to the default settings.
Q: My game board has a toggle switch, how do I reset it?
A: Power down the game, flip the switch it is spring-loaded and should return to original position. Turn game on; check bookkeeping to see if board was zeroed out.

The game board has no toggle switch how do I reset it?
A: Some boards have a push button that will need to be pushed while game is showing bookkeeping screen.
*NOTE: Games without either switch will give this option in the “Data Setting” screen.
Q: When I change my Difficulty Level, do I need to reset my game?
A: Yes, but remember to check the settings before you allow game play. Some games revert to default values.
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We offer a one year warranty on all new machines and parts. If a problem occurs within 30 days of purchase, replacement parts (excluding special order parts) will be sent out in advancement of receiving bad parts back. Just call and then ship yours back and your replacement will be sent out as soon as available, in most cases parts ship the same day! After 30 days and up to one year, customer must send in the bad part to our service department for a warranty repair or replacement. Most used machines and parts come with a 30 day warranty.
Non-Warranty Repairs: All repairs not covered by our product warranty policy (including any products not directly purchased from Reel Amusements®) will incur a labor charge. We will warranty our repair work for 30 days.
Returns: All special order parts are non refundable. A 15% restocking fee may be applied for any returns that are approved.