Bonus Hole Coin Pusher


This attractive coin pusher has the patented “Bonus Hole” feature! Bonus coins fall through the bonus hole and build up in the bonus bucket below. When the bonus bucket fills up it dumps the contents to the front win cup for the player.

This one of a kind coin pusher keeps the players feeding coins in to win the big dump of coins! With a weighted bonus bucket, you control the amount of coins to be given away with each bonus win.

  • 60″ High–23.75″ Wide–31.25″ Deep
  • Eye Catching Bright Blue Cabinet with Bonus Hole Decals on Header and Front Door
  • High Quality, Sturdy Design
  • Cabinet Construction and Design Prevents Vibrations From Being Transferred to the Coin Shelf
  • Thick Acrylic Side Viewing Windows
  • Tempered Glass Hinged Front Window
  • Stainless Steel Top & Bottom Shelves
  • Security Trap Door & Alarm (Alarm is Time Adjustable)
  • Tilt Plum & Bob & Anti-Slam Switch For Added Security
  • Player Can Control Coin Placement by Moving the Coin Entry Slide From Side to Side