Favorite Reels 3

Favorite Reels 3 by Jenka Lab

**Video Below Game Board is operating in Horizonal Mode**


Favorite Reels 3

This versatile 5-in-1 multi-game features stunning high-definition graphics and an interactive touchscreen that is compatible with single horizontal, dual horizontal, and vertical-screen machines. (Must specify at time of purchase)

  • Credits, Credits/Winnings, Handcount, PreReveal, Reels or Shutters are just a few of the ways to operate
  • Stand Alone or Linkable to a Progressive Jackpot server (purchased seperately)
  • 4 Configurable Progressive Jackpots (Single Winners, non shared)
  • 1080p High Resolution Graphics
  • Touchscreen Required
  • Interactive Bonuses
  • 5-in-1 Vertical Multi-Game
    •  Spin Of Fortune
    • New York
    • Super Party
    • Spin Me Hard
    • Buffalo of Freedom
  • 36/10 pin Jamma Harness Ready